Extensive wineries

Our wineries are spread all across the Australian continent.


Our wine cellars are temperature-controlled to keep the wines fresh.

Sustainable practices

We use environment-friendly practices when making our tasty wines.

Since 1903

Crafting delicious wine for decades

Commenced back in 1903 in the hidden terrains of South Australia, We have become one of the oldest wineries where you can find premium quality of wines. We are best known for infusing the new traditions with cutting-edge technologies and that’s why we are popular all around Australia. At Gondawana Wines, we focus on preparing wines that not only taste premium but also let people feel their cultural and regional values. The best part is that our wineries have now spread to the largest parts of Australia, such as Victoria, NSW, and we have started our online services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a look at the key features of our wine:

● Australian farming has now become more sustainable, and we incorporate this into our wineries.
● We create vines that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and that will produce healthy and delicious wines.
● Our vines are then pressed in processing units and are 100% natural.
● We keep all our wines in our cellars at low temperatures so that the wine does not oxidise and lose its flavour.
● Our wine bottles are also stored horizontally to keep the corks moist and intact.
● We take care that all our wines are stored in optimal humidity settings so that the wine does not go bad.
● Our wines are tasted and tested by professionals to ensure you get delicious and aromatic flavours.
● You can even attend our wine tasting sessions from time to time at our wineries.

Our Aim

The Culture Behind Our Wine

Gondwana wines believe in incorporating the different tastes of each region and combining them to create a beautiful culture. You can sample more than just the famous Shiraz here, as each region has its own distinctive wine and flavour. You can sample any of these at our spacious wineries across the Australian continent.


The Process of Wine Making

In our wine-making process, we use sustainable and eco-friendly practices while also incorporating new techniques and traditions at all our wineries.


We harvest our vines on our Australian farms using sustainable farming techniques and eco-friendly methods.

Crushing & Pressing

All our vines are then crushed and pressed safely and hygienically by processing units.



The wines are placed in vats with wild yeast, and the sugars of the grapes start to turn into ethanol.

Ageing & Bottling

After the wine has fermented, we pour them into bottles and screw the corks in to let them age.

Our Product

Featured Wines Collections

We have a whole range of wine collections, from the classic Shiraz to the flavorful Cabernet Sauvignon. We also have the delectable Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and the ever-so-delicious Chardonnay. All our wines are fermented and aged gracefully, so the taste remains flavorful for a long time.

Decanting Process

Gondwana Wines is widely acclaimed for its top-notch and high-quality red and white wines in Australia. Our team of experts use the most refined treatments like decanting your wine and packing your bottles to make sure your wines taste pure and flavorful. As your wine ages, sediment forms at the bottom of your wine bottles and although it doesn’t cause any harm, it can make your wine taste very bitter. To remove this bitter taste, we decant the wines and separate the sediment so that they have oxygen to breathe and stay delicious. Our quality professionals have been doing this for ages and offer only the best quality wines for your needs. We strictly follow the process:

● We pour the red and white wine into another glass vessel and separate the sediment that forms at the bottom of the bottle.
● The sediment will stay near the top of the wine bottle while the pure wine will be in the glass vessel.
● This also allows some oxygen to enter the wine and lets other gases out, enhancing the flavour of the wine.
● If the cork has moistened over time and fallen into the bottle, decanting will help separate the wine from the cork.
● If the cork has disintegrated into pieces, then we use a strainer when decanting to get rid of all the cork pieces.

Our Products


Gondwana Wines has veered towards non-intervention in its wine-making process to allow a more natural and sustainable way of making wine.


Australian vineyards have now moved towards non-intervention in the farmlands. The emphasis is now more on quality, and we have also incorporated this into our wine-making process. We create natural and good-quality grapes in our vineyards using eco-friendly farming practices. Our main idea is now to create natural aromatic wine that has not been overcooked. Along with full red-bodied wine, we also create light wine that is precise and of good quality. We want to create good quality and tasty wines for you from high-quality grapes grown in a sustainable manner.

We understand our responsibility towards making wines with minimal impact to nature. Thus, we follow the non-intervention philosophy and ensure our consumers have products made with close management of the wine making process. We monitor the fermentation temperatures and cap management to allow the yeast to grow and cause extraction at the right level. The non-intervention method is time consuming, tiring and expensive. But, it allows the wine to develop its colour, structure, viscosity, and aroma deeply. Want to know more about our wine-making process? Schedule a vineyard tour with us now! We offer good wine, insights and delicious meals.


What Clients Say


Wine-Tasting Process

We love to have people come to our vineyards to taste our delicious wines so that they can enjoy the fruit aromas themselves. Our wine-tasting takes place in four stages:


Vineyard tour

Want to explore the lush and green vineyards of Gondwana wines? Here’s your chance. Taste our different varieties of grapes and bask in the sweet fragrance of the vines. We conduct weekly tours for locals and tourists, explaining our farming and fermentation process.


Fermentation Process

We believe in naturally fermenting our wines to reduce the environmental impact. Our wine experts and makers carefully monitor temperatures and timing to get the best-tasting wines and concentrates. You can visit our winery to learn more about our practices.



If you want a complete lesson about wine tasting, you can come straight to us and we will help you learn how to swirl and pour wine like a pro. During our wine-tasting sessions, you will get to enjoy the aroma and fragrance of our variety of wines and distinguish its sweetness, bitterness and tang.


Dine With Us

You can enjoy delicious meals and snack with complementary wines at Gondwana Wines. Our extensive menu will tickle your tastebuds and our kid’s menu will keep the little ones in a good mood. The best part is that you can reserve your seat while on your wine tour itself.

Contact Us

You can contact our staff at any time over the phone or via email, and we will answer any queries you might have about our wines. You can also order or book wine-tasting sessions online.

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