About Us

Our Story

How We Started

We started back in 1903 with a single processing unit and vineyard in the famous Barossa Valley in South Australia. Our team consisted of five people in total, and we all contributed and helped with each task. We used local grapes that were good in quality and crushed and pressed them in our processing unit. We then fermented our grape juice with wild yeast and tested it. Our team leader started advertising and selling our wines door to door in the valley. We were soon sold out and had to start crushing and fermenting more grapes to create more wine.

● From the famous Shiraz, we started diversifying our wines and sold wines like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc.
● Our customers enjoyed the taste and quality of our wines and wanted us to expand, and so we did.



We want you to take a sip of our wine and lose yourself in its magical flavour. We make the wine and dine process as easy for you as possible by providing excellent customer service and delivery at your doorstep. You can even take our advice on what dishes to pair with what wine.


Our values as a community reflect the traditional aspects of the First Nations with their respect for the country and land. We also incorporate the modern technological advancements of the current inhabitants to create a composite holistic culture that is more than just a brand.

Our team

Our team is a hardworking lot where each member looks after a specific arena but also helps out in other areas when needed. Our staff are all interconnected and in contact with each other to get a better understanding of the whole process. You can contact our customer service at any time to book a wine-tasting session or to avail some of our wines online.

Our storage process

We keep all our wine bottles in crates and barrels that are tightly secured and stacked correctly at an angle. We also choose the best quality wood for these crates and barrels to ensure that the wine bottles are well-protected.


Planted Vineyard

We started our first vineyard in 1903 in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia. We started with just a team of five who did everything from farming to crushing at our single and tiny processing unit to fermenting and tasting the wine to selling it. Our primary focus was to give people a good wine that reminded them of Australian culture. It should exemplify the love and respect of each and every region in Australia and its people.


Started expanding

After our success in the first few years and due to the high demand, we started expanding our vineyards. We set up more vineyards in South Australia and started hiring more people. We even started selling our wine in a little store in the primary markets. People were enjoying the fruity and delicious flavour of both our red and white wines, and we made our company a cultural extravaganza.


Extensive sales and operations

We expanded sales and operations in fifteen years and started vineyards in New South Wales and Victoria. We also expanded our sales team and started selling our products online. Our wines were the talk of every town, and we wanted to keep it that way, so we emphasised quality even with large-scale expansions. We made sure to decant and taste all our wine regularly and use the best quality grapes in all our vineyards.

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