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At Gondwana Wines, we enjoy having people come and sample our wines at our wine-tasting events throughout the year. You can come to try our wines at any of our vineyards spread across the region and get to wine and dine with some delicious international as well as regional wines. You can even shop and pick the wines you want and buy them on the spot at our wine-tasting sessions. Our wine-tasting sessions consist of the following:

● We first take you to the vineyard and show you around the area. You can see the farmers in action and see how we use sustainable practices to grow our grapes.

● Along with international grape varieties, we also grow Australian local grape varieties that are made using the newest methods and quality extraction.

● You can then watch the crushing and processing of the grapes in our processing units and see how everything is managed efficiently.

● We then show you the fermentation units where wine is kept in tubs of wild yeast.

● This wild yeast mixes with the crushed grapes and produces ethanol, and turns into wine.

● Once the fermentation process is complete, we will show you how we store our wine into tinted bottles and put them in crates and barrels and keep them in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

● Our storage units are all kept at low temperatures and optimal humid conditions so that our wines age gracefully and slowly.

● We then allow you to sample our fresh wines from the wine cellar and give us your opinion.

● Next, we sit down for a delectable meal with our favourite bottles of wine paired with good food to enjoy a good meal and end the day on a good note.

● You can book our wine-tasting sessions online or via call in the vineyard closest to you to enjoy a good time.

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