Wine Making


The Process of Wine Making

At Gondwana Wines, we ensure that our wine-making process is sustainable and eco-friendly. Our farmers use varieties of grapes, including international varieties from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, as well as local varieties from Australia itself and use this to grow high-quality vines.


We harvest our vines in eco-friendly and non-intervening methods to produce the best quality grapes.

Crushing & Pressing

We harvest our vines in eco-friendly and non-intervening methods to produce the best quality grapes.


We then put the juice in large tubs filled with wild yeast and allowed the juice to ferment into ethanol alcohol or wine.


We then test the juice to see if the taste is aromatic and flavourful, and good enough to be sold.

Ageing & Bottling

After the wine has been tested and cleared for sale, we put them in tinted bottles and store them in crates and barrels in our cellars.


After a few months, we check the wine and see if there are any sediments. Then accordingly, we separate the sediment from the wine in a glass vessel, and the process is called decanting.

Focus on Quality

Creating the best quality wines for you

Our staff are all well-trained in wine-making and make sure that all our grapes are appropriately crushed in the processing units. We also test the juice after it has been fermented to make sure it is of a high-quality essence and will be fit to put into the wine bottles. Our testers have a good knowledge of all the wines and know how the flavour and aroma of each wine should ideally be. After they approve the wines, we put them in tinted bottles carefully and keep them in storage units. These storage units are kept at an ideal temperature range so that the wine does not age too quickly. Even the humidity is constantly monitored to ensure the wine quality doesn't get affected. We also keep our bottles in crates and barrels stacked at an angle so that the cork doesn't moisten and slip into the bottle.

Our experts check the bottles from time to time to ensure there are no sediments in them. These sediments are not harmful but make the wine taste bitter, so they need to be decanted or removed. This is done professionally, and the wine is poured into new bottles to keep the taste and aroma intact.

Our Team

Our team includes farmers, processing plant workers, wine-tasters and sales professionals. Our entire team works hard to make sure you only get delicious wine at your doorstep. We also give you advice on which wine you can pair with which dish so that you can have an enjoyable meal.

High-quality red wine

Our red wines are all of excellent quality, and we have both the lighter varieties as well as the strong ones like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Best white wine

Our white wines like Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc have a distinctive taste that has been revered all across Australia and can be paired with any dish.

Finest Fermented Wine

All our wines are fermented in a meticulous process to give you the best quality. Our wines are tested and tasted after the fermentation process to keep track of the quality.

Decanted Wine

We ensure no bitter taste in your wine by removing any sediments formed over time. We also remove any cork bits in your wine bottles by decanting them regularly.


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